Brooks Koepka on Playing Through Mistakes

Golf is a game of imperfections. Learning how to handle these miscues properly can be crucial to your overall game.

It can be a hard reality for some golfers to accept: you’re not perfect.

The good thing is that no golfer is. No matter how many rounds you play or how low your handicap is, mistakes are part of the game. There are times when you may miss a putt, overshoot the green or land in the rough instead of the fairway.

It’s something Brooks Koepka knows well. The professional golfer spoke to Pro Tips about how he handles miscues on the course. Despite being one of the top pros on tour, Koepka faces mistakes every time he plays.

“I think one thing I’ve understood better than anybody is that a round of golf is nothing but mistakes,” Koepka says. “You know, I’m trying to hit it in the hole, and I’ve missed every single time.”


Every golfer will face challenges during a round. A fairway shot lands in a water hazard. A putt breaks too far in one direction and misses the hole. A shot goes off course due to the wind, tall grass or divots.

But that’s part of the game. Mistakes happen. Your goal on the course can sometimes come down to how you minimize these missteps.

“I’m never trying to hit it in the water. I’m never trying to hit it out of bounds. But that’s a mistake too,” Koepka says. “So, if I understand that nothing’s perfect and I just have to push through and get on with it. And if you can get on with the shot because nothing’s … it’s never exactly where I was trying to hit it.”

However, what can separate good golfers from great golfers is how they bounce back from mistakes. It’s important to stay cool, calm and collected when this happens. You may not be able to control the ball after you hit it, but you can control your mindset on the course.

How you recover from a bad shot can impact the rest of your round. By staying relaxed and accepting that mistakes may happen, you can be ready to bounce back and take advantage of your opportunities.

“The more I understand that, the better I become. The better player I’ve been,” Koepka says. “And I think knowing when to take your moments, knowing when it’s on, it’s on and take advantage of it.”

So, the next time you miss your chance at a birdie, take a breath. You still have a chance at par, and the next hole is only a stroke away.

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