Chipping Tips with Cheyenne Woods

Need some help with your short game? Set yourself up for success with these tips from professional golfer Cheyenne Woods.

It’s a situation every golfer can relate to. You’re set up just outside of the green when a bad chip shot turns a would-be birdie into a bogey.

So, how do you make the most of your opportunities around the green? Professional golfer Cheyenne Woods offers these chipping tips to help you find long-term success with your short game.


When breaking down her chipping technique, Woods says her first step is always to assess her lie. For this scenario, she explains, “I have the ball a little bit below my feet and I have about 15-20 feet of green to work with.”

After assessing her lie, she opts for a 60-degree wedge. “Because I want it locked in a little bit in the air,” Woods says.

Now it’s time to move on to her setup. Woods positions the ball in the middle of her stance, which, she notes, “allows for the club to come in with a little bit of loft.”

With her club at neutral, Woods turns her attention to her feet, keeping the weight on her toes. “That will keep me grounded with the ball below the feet and with me being on the hill,” she explains.

When it comes to her swing, Woods says she focuses on having great tempo, with the same fluid motion back and through. “That way I can get the ball lofted in the air,” she says.

Woods emphasizes being very specific with where you want the ball to land, what shot shape you want and the trajectory at which you want the ball to come out.

“So, what I’m imagining here is medium trajectory. I want the ball to fly about two paces onto the green and I’m expecting it to roll out from there,” she details.

And with that, she’s set herself up just shy of the pin for an easy tap-in. Take these golf chipping tips from Woods and turn your short game into a strength this season.

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