Danielle Kang on How to Set Up for a Draw or Fade

The professional golfer shares her advice on how to have success when hitting these curving shots.

There are a variety of shots to try and master on the golf course. Knowing when to hit a specific shot can help you in your trek to finish under par.

Two shots many golfers will want to learn are fades and draws. While they don’t have the same distance as a straight shot, they are beneficial to have in your arsenal. Hitting a fade or a draw can help you improve your positioning on the fairway, avoid a hazard or get the ball to the desired location on or near the green.

While similar in a few aspects, a fade and draw have clear differences:

  • The fade is a shot that curves slightly from left to right for right-handed golfers. This would be the opposite for left-handed golfers.
  • A draw, meanwhile, is a shot that curves from right to left for right-handed golfers. Again, the opposite applies for lefties.

Golf professional Danielle Kang spoke to Pro Tips about how to set up each of these shots on the golf course.


It can be helpful to have an alignment stick handy. Kang says you can also use a club from your bag if you don’t have an alignment stick.

Place the alignment stick on the ground between you and the tee. “Aim it down where you would normally square up to target,” Kang says.

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While the setup for the two types of shots is similar, there is a major difference to be aware of. On a normal shot, you would stay square to the target. Both of your feet would remain parallel to each other.

But the fade and draw require you to either open or close your body.

  • To hit a fade, you’ll open your body. This means your feet are no longer parallel. You’ll move you front foot away from the ball.
  • To hit a draw, you’ll close your body. This will require you to drop your rear foot back.

“People have a misconception that ‘fade’ and ‘draw’ is a huge curve,” Kang says. “That’s a slice and a hook. So, this is just a little curving of the ball.”

Knowing how to hit a fade and a draw can help boost your game. Once you master these shots, making your way from the tee to the green can be a little easier to accomplish.

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