How to Buy Golf Swing Analyzers and On-Course Game Trackers

Data has a place in your golf game. Harness it with launch monitors, swing analyzers and performance trackers.

Practice might not make perfect. But it’s an irreplaceable element when building a successful golf game.

However, the amount of time spent practicing isn’t the only factor on a golfer’s skill level. The quality of each practice session makes a major impact as well. Swing analyzers and game trackers provide data to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. This can help you develop a training regimen designed for your game.

But you need to understand the benefits and functionality of using each device before finding the right system for you. Pro Tips is here to show you how.


There are three unique categories: launch monitors, swing analyzers and performance trackers. The primary goal of each is to help you improve your game. The difference lies in the approach each system takes toward that goal.

Launch monitors deliver critical swing path, clubface and golf ball metrics.

  • These systems can include a unit equipped with a sensor that captures your swing data. An additional screen displays your metrics post-shot.
  • Those who are well versed in golf analysis might find these systems particularly useful. Launch monitors produce numbers-driven outputs.
  • If you are unfamiliar with statistics, like optimal launch angle and smash factors, you may find it difficult to analyze the information.

Swing analyzers take the benefits of launch monitors and simplify the metrics. This allows the device to cater to golfers who prefer a more visual approach. These systems feature sensors that attach to either your golf glove, the shaft or butt end of your club’s grip.

  • Most swing analyzer systems pair wirelessly with a compatible smartphone app. This helps create a user-friendly breakdown of your swing characteristics.
  • These applications allow you to replay and review your swing in 360-degree detail. They can also determine baselines, swing tempo deviations, swing path errors and more.
  • Many apps also feature digital instruction. This can help you better understand the metrics and how you can use them to improve your game.

Performance trackers are a little less granular in the analysis they provide. These systems feature sensors that attach to the shaft or butt end of your club’s grip. The sensors then work with a wearable receiver to record each shot.

  • The receiver and sensors pair wirelessly with your compatible smartphone app. This will allow for GPS range-finding functionality and detailed course maps.
  • The system also records the coordinates for each shot you take. This enables the device to provide club recommendations, distance averages and driving accuracy.
  • Performance trackers don’t always provide specific metrics related to your swing. They can also point out trends and tendencies on the course that may otherwise go unnoticed.


Both swing analyzers and on-course game trackers measure and analyze key metrics. They do so without completely disrupting your normal routine.

  • Launch monitors and swing analyzers provide data and suggest swing corrections.
  • Performance trackers help you spot negative trends in your game. They can also determine what to focus on during your next training session.


You want to make sure your device is compatible with your computer or smartphone. To assure compliance, consult each product’s information. You should routinely sync your system with your computer to ensure the device is up to date.

You will also need to consider device subscriptions. Most devices include a range of functionalities that don’t require a paid subscription. But some manufacturers provide advanced functionalities for an extra cost. This can include access to an online community, swing coaching or data storage. These features can help to further the user experience and add a new level of interaction to the device.

Adding a swing analyzer or game tracker to your training can help increase the quality of your golf practices. Make sure to try a golf GPS or a laser rangefinder to help raise the quality of your overall experience.