How to Buy Youth Golf Shoes

Find the right pair of youth golf shoes for your child with these fundamental tips.

Aside from clubs, the most important purchase you make for your child’s golf game may be his or her footwear. The right pair of golf shoes will help promote a proper stance and increase stability on the way to a young golfer’s overall development.

But how do you know which style and pair is best? Make sure you and your youngster are considering all of these factors first.


Making sure golf shoes fit properly is a must. Aside from the long walking distances a golfer may cover during a round, they’re also going to be on their feet for 4-5 hours, standing, walking or hitting their golf ball. So, here are a few things to consider when you’re trying to find the right fit:

  • Measure both of their feet before you select a size. If their feet differ in size, you’ll want to make sure you’re requesting a size that fits the larger foot.
  • When they’re ready to pick out a new pair of golf shoes, take the kind of socks that they’ll be wearing when they play. This will ensure the fit and feel is accurate when they step onto the course.


The look of golf footwear has come a long way in recent years with the addition of more style options. Golf shoes really do run the gamut in terms of what they look like and how versatile they can be. When it’s all said and done, golf footwear can be divided into two main categories: traditional and athletic.


Traditional golf shoes have a very classic look. Generally constructed from leather, traditional golf shoes are very sturdy and long lasting. Because of the leather construction, they are known to be very comfortable and are commonly waterproof. Check the shoe’s product description to ensure the one they’re trying on is indeed waterproof. One downfall to a traditional golf shoe is a lack of ventilation and breathability.


If air circulation is important to you, you may want to consider an athletic golf shoe. Because of their overall look, athletic golf shoes can be confused with everyday running or cross-training footwear. They have a very different appearance compared to their traditional counterparts, so if you know what you are looking for, distinguishing between the two can be easy.

Athletic golf shoes are breathable, lightweight and extremely flexible (much like conventional athletic shoes), making this shoe style comfortable in any number of outdoor conditions. Many athletic golf shoes also carry waterproof guarantees and offer a wide variety of style and color options for players.


 Spiked and spikeless options are available in both styles of golf shoes (traditional and athletic) but deciding which is right for your child is purely based on personal preference.

Spikes give golfers a bit more grip when they’re on the course and are generally recommended when playing on wet or hilly surfaces. On dry surfaces, spiked and spikeless shoes are considered to provide equal amounts of traction.

In terms of versatility, spikeless shoes are the leader due to their lightweight construction and flexible soles. Spikeless shoes are now even being worn at work and to the grocery store as everyday wear.

Once you’ve determined which features are most important, you and your youngster will be ready to choose the perfect pair of golf shoes for their needs.

*Quick Tip: Depending on the conditions you play in, you may want to consider shoes with waterproof guarantees. Course conditions can be wet even if you’re not playing in the rain as there’s often moisture on the grass at sunrise and again at sunset. One solution is to buy multiple pairs of golf shoes for different conditions. A pair of spikeless athletic shoes for those hot, afternoon rounds and a pair of soft spike, waterproof traditional shoes for cooler, wetter seasons.

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