How to Control Distance on the Putting Green

By focusing on the hole, you can help make sure more of your putts stay on target.

The green can be one of the most intimidating areas of the golf course. While your ball may be only a few feet from the hole, it can feel like several miles if you struggle controlling the distance of your putts.

By working on your hand-eye coordination, you can help get a handle on your putts. PGA professional Jonas DeWitte says the first step to improving your distance is to react to the target. He compares this process to what athletes do in other sports.

“You see the baseball player pick the ball up. He’s looking at a target and then reacting to it,” DeWitte says. “The basketball player who gets the ball. He’s looking at the hoop and reacting to the basket.”

In golf, reacting to the target starts with getting into position for the putt. Your body should be over the ball ready to react to your target — the hole.

Before you take the putt, you’ll want to take few practice strokes. This can give you time to imagine the ball coming off the face of the putter and going into the hole, as well as time to figure out just how hard you want to hit the ball. After you feel you have enough practice strokes, move over to the ball and try to keep that same stroke.

By going through this process, you can help increase your chances of sinking your putt the next time you are on the green.

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