Improving Control with the Karate Putting Drill

Good putting is essential to shooting lower scores. If you're having trouble keeping proper form, use this golf drill to help build your putting skills.

When you’re on the green, it can be easy to forget the basics. In this high-tension moment, you have to try to keep control.

Prepare for your putt by practicing with the “karate drill,” which is great for golfers who sway a lot as they putt or who use a lot of wrist and body movement.


Although everyone has different putting routines, there are a couple things to keep in mind to help you improve your technique.

  • Use only your chest muscles for the stroke. This allows for a very controlled, short-arced motion that is smooth and accelerates through the target zone
  • Stand close to the ball, so that your eyes are directly over it when you bend for the stroke. Doing this can help straighten your putt


Position your hands like a karate chop and place them on the putter, parallel to each other so that they aren’t touching. Position your head so that your eyes are over the ball and rock the putter back and forth with no wrist movement. Your shoulders should rock only as you putt.

This drill focuses on form and can help the next time you’re on the green, ready to putt.

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