Jessica Korda’s Driving Tips

Use these tips from the golf pro on how to improve the distance and effectiveness of your drives.

The 1-wood is designed to give you the most distance of any club in your bag. With its large clubhead and long shaft, it is commonly used off the tee.

But having success with your driver takes more than stepping up and firing away. Follow these Pro Tips from professional golfer Jessica Korda to work on improving your distance off the tee.


One of the first ways to improve your drives is by having the correct body position. This means you’ll need to have your feet, hips and shoulders square to your target line.

“With the driver being the longest club, that tends to be why people have a harder time hitting the fairways,” Korda says. “Because it shows your mistakes more. It’s more torque. It just shows your bad swing more.”

Having the proper positioning is vital to a solid driver swing. PGA Professional Jonas DeWitte shares some additional insight on having the right driver-ball position and tee height with these Pro Tips.


While it can be tempting to just hit the ball with a lot of power during a drive, Korda says it is more important to develop your swing tempo. This is the elapsed time from your backswing to your follow-through.

By working on your swing tempo, you can generate drives that have greater distance and improved accuracy.

“Every amateur I’ve ever played with tries to crush the ball instead of just putting a good swing on it. Good tempo. Which, eventually, you’ll actually hit further because you’ll have that better speed through the ball,” Korda says.


You can also improve your drives by adding specific exercises to your workout. Focusing on certain muscle groups can help improve the distance of your drives.

Korda has a few recommendations for your golf workout. The first is to focus on your core. Having a strong core can help you when you’re preparing to hit a drive.

She also recommends focusing on your glutes and legs. The lunge is one exercise you can add to your workout to focus on this area of the body. New to lunges? Check out this Pro Tips guide to learn the fundamentals of this lower-body exercise.

“Being really stable in your legs is very important,” Korda says. “And having that strong core to kind of hold you up. You are in an awkward position. So, you’re putting more stress on that body.”

It takes hard work and dedication to get the most out of your drives. But by putting in extra practice, you’ll be ready to see improvements the next time you tee off.

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