Made to Score with Jordan Spieth: How to Hit a Bump-and-Run Shot

Getting close to the pin doesn't always require a high-trajectory shot. Watch as PGA pro Jordan Spieth walks through the bump-and-run, which can be great for staying low and out of the wind.

In your pursuit of par, your shot choice can mean everything. If your conditions are a little windy or the turf is firm, you should try to keep your ball on a low trajectory, relying more on the roll rather than the landing. In circumstances such as these, a bump-and-run shot can keep you on track for a great score.

Bump-and-run shots can be a useful tool to have in your bag, especially for low-distance shots just off the green, but to help master this shot and keep it consistent, consider these tips from golfer Jordan Spieth, winner of multiple professional majors. He has some pointers to help keep you low and rolling toward your next great golf story.


To give the ball a little lift so that you can set yourself up for a well-executed rolling shot, Spieth recommends using a pitching wedge or nine-iron when trying a bump-and-run. This club choice can get the ball some air quickly so that it can start to bound and roll all the way to the pin.

When setting up your stance, keep your feet close together.

“You want to keep your weight really far forward; you want it in your front leg,” Spieth says.

Aim to have a front-facing lean to your stance as the ball sits at your back toe.


Once you’ve lined yourself up for the shot, begin your swing with the intention of carrying the ball about a third of the way to the hole, so that the ending roll can line up for a shorter putt. You’ll want your swing to be pretty aggressive.

“From this position, with my weight forward, that will allow me to hit the ball first and make sure you don’t hit one of those chunks,” Spieth says.

The bump-and-run shot can be great for setting up your putts and battling course conditions. So go the distance with your golf game and follow these tips for rolling success.

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