Made to Score with Jordan Spieth: How to Hit a Flop Shot

Pulling off a successful flop shot requires skill, finesse and practice. Watch as PGA pro Jordan Spieth takes you step-by-step through this difficult, yet rewarding golf stroke.

In the game of golf, every shot is different, and the flop shot is no exception. Intended to lift the ball as high as possible with little to no spin upon landing, the flop shot can be great when trying to clear hazards or sitting the ball up on the green. However, with this specialty shot comes challenges.

“[Flop shots] are probably the most difficult shots you’ll face on the course,” says PGA TOUR pro and acclaimed golfer Jordan Spieth, winner of multiple professional majors.

But by practicing your mechanics, tweaking your swing and building your confidence, even novice golfers can craft a fabulous flop shot.


To properly execute a crisp flop shot, approach the stroke with your highest-lofted club – usually a wedge. Next, make sure that you’re in a wide and athletic stance when you’re lining up your stroke.

“A lot of people like to put their weight back,” Spieth says. “They think they need it to launch the ball up in the air, but you do that by creating the loft through the swing, by allowing the club to get down there early.”

Spieth recommends putting 60 percent of your weight on your front foot to help create a cleaner strike on the ball.


Spieth adds that in addition to keeping your weight forward, you’ll want to arc your swing a little wider than normal. Taking a wider stroke can help bring the club head down and, according to Spieth, “let the club deliver early so that you can get that effective loft and then follow-through and up to hit that high, soft, short shot.”

You should also try to limit the amount of bend in your arms during your backswing. A straighter backswing can help you gain some air or distance to your shot, which can aid in clearing hazards or setting up a better putting scenario.

While it might seem daunting, a well-executed flop shot can add a lot to your game. Follow these tips and tricks from one of golf’s bests and make your next outing a hole-in-one.

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