Made to Score with Jordan Spieth: The Long Putt

Make the most of each stroke and cover the necessary ground by facing your long putting head on. Major-winning professional golfer Jordan Spieth shares tips to help you go the distance with long putts.

Putting from longer distances is all about finesse and fine-tuning. You don’t want to stop too short and risk wasting a stroke, but you also don’t want to push the ball too far and bogey a hole because you are trying to make up ground. Being able to confidently putt for distance and save your scores is vital to your golf game, helping keep spirts high and shot counts low.

PGA TOUR pro Jordan Spieth says that speed is the name of the game when it comes to long putting. Don’t stress over trying to figure out the proper technique or that perfect line, just focus on the speed you need to hit the ball.

“What I do is I like to walk along the entire length of the putt, along the low side to the back side of the hole, and I’ll walk back along the low side,” Spieth says of how he determines the speed needed to cover the necessary ground. “I’m dialing in a speed to where I’m trying to get it anywhere within a three-foot circle of that hole.”

Once the calculations have been made, Spieth suggests taking a few practice strokes while looking at the hole to better prepare yourself for the actual strike. “That kind of gets me dialed in with the speed, so I’m looking at this putt and in the back of mind I’m saying, ‘This is about as hard as I need to hit it.’”

When you feel comfortable enough, get into your stance and, remembering your speed, hit the ball for a nice, clean putt. If your calculations are correct, you should be within range to safely tap in for a well-rounded score.

With these helpful instructions, you can set your sights on conquering even the most demanding greens. Hit the links and give these Pro Tips a shot this golf season.