Quick Golf Tips with Paul Casey

Take advice from the professional golfer and upgrade your performance on the course this season.

Since turning pro in 2000, Paul Casey has gathered a wealth of information on the course. He’s used these experiences to craft different components of his game, from how he trains to the clubs he uses. 

Learn from the professional golfer as he shares some insight on how to better shape your play this season.


Paul Casey: The golf season is almost […] it’s 12 months now. It feels like it never stops, so it’s difficult to finish a season and start prepping for the next. So, I guess we’re always continuously, at least I feel like myself, I’m always continuously trying to get ready for the next season, the next series of Majors coming up, big events. It kind of never sort of starts and stops.


It heavily influences the workout. Ultimately, everything has to come back to, “what’s the objective?”, which is trying to shoot the lowest score possible. Looking at what I’m trying to do on the golf course and what needs improvement or what’s the key to my successful golf game is what I’m going to end up doing in the gym. I’m not somebody who necessarily needs to gain a lot more clubhead speed. At my age, I’m kind of past trying to gain a lot of miles an hour with a driver. But I’m trying to, right now, to prevent injuries and longevity of career – very certain goals. Those key things are what drives what I do in the gym.


Actually, a really basic one would just be swinging with my feet together. I’ve got a lot of faults, and most guys do. It’s rare that guys don’t have faults in the world of professional golf. Swinging with the feet together, for me, trying to maintain good posture, quality of strike. It ends up curing a lot of the other stuff that I do wrong. Nice and simple, basic stuff. No teaching age required, feet together.

BONUS PRO TIP: Learn how to practice the “feet together” drill to help improve your ball striking.


I think it’s crucial because everybody’s different. Why would you buy off the shelf? What is off the shelf? I don’t even know what “standard” is anymore. I think it’s imperative. If you’re serious about the game, even if you’re not serious about the game, getting fit for golf is […] why wouldn’t you do it? It’s such a difficult game as it is, we’re trying to make it as easy as possible. It’s just one small thing that takes a very little amount of time. It’s a no-brainer. We do, so why wouldn’t you want to try to emulate what the pros do?

Now it’s time to take these tips to the course. Grab your 8-iron and follow along as Casey demonstrates how to have better success with this club. Need to fine-tune your technique? Listen to Casey’s advice on how to improve your shot shaping.