Rapid-Fire Questions with Brooks Koepka

Get to know the pro golfer on a more personal level with our rapid-fire Q&A.

Brooks Koepka might be known for being one of the longest hitters on tour, but do you know his favorite course to play? What about his go-to cheat-day meal? Learn more about the pro golfer and what makes him tick in our sit-down interview.

Pro Tips: What’s your personal record for bench press?
Brooks Koepka: 330.

Favorite cheat-day meal?

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

Favorite exercise to do in the gym?

Favorite TV show?

Favorite ice cream flavor?
All of them.

Ski or surf?

What music is queued up on your phone now?
A lot of rap.

Big dog or small dog?
Big dog. Absolutely.

Have you ever worn socks with sandals?
No, I don’t even wear sandals.

Soup or salad?

Favorite season and why?
Summer – you get to go to the beach and it’s nice out.

Any superstitions?

Funniest golfer?
Pat Perez.

Who’s one non-golfer you’d like to play golf with?
Dan Bilzerian.

Favorite course to play and why?
St Andrews. It’s always different and there’s always a new bunker in play.

Ryder Cup win or Major?

If you weren’t playing golf, what sport would you play? Would you be any good?
Baseball, probably suck.

Texting or talking?
It depends; it depends on the person. That’s a tricky one. You can stumble over that one. I don’t know. I’m probably a texter.

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