Rapid-Fire Questions with Bryson DeChambeau

Get inside the mind of the professional golfer with this Pro Tips Q&A.

Bryson DeChambeau received the nickname “the Mad Scientist” thanks to his calculated approach to the game of golf. But what makes him tick when he’s away from his laboratory on the links?

Go beyond the course with the golf pro and get to better know DeChambeau. Find out his favorite cheat meal, movie and more in this Pro Tips Q&A.

Pro Tips: What’s your personal record for bench press?
Bryson DeChambeau: Oh my. I have never done a bench press personal record before in my entire life.

Favorite cheat day meal?
I cheat day every day. But probably Boston Market with a chocolate cake.

Favorite exercise to do in the gym?
Probably back extension. I love back extension, getting my back strong.

What podcast are you currently listening to?
I don’t have a podcast I listen to.

What’s your favorite movie?
Favorite movie? The Bond movies. James Bond movies.

Favorite TV show?
Was “The Walking Dead.” I don’t watch TV shows anymore.

What’s your favorite pizza topping?
Pepperoni. I don’t even question. The curled pepperoni. It [has to] be curled.

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Chocolate. Ghirardelli chocolate.

What music is queued up on your phone now?

Ski or surf?

Big dog or small dog?

Have you ever worn socks with sandals?
All the time.

Soup or salad?
Soup. It has to be chicken noodle.

Favorite pre-round meal?
Eggs and bacon.

Fastest speed you’ve ever driven in a car?
In Germany on the Autobahn, I got it up to 195.

Favorite season and why?
Probably the spring. It’s starting to get warm, and the flowers smell really nice.

Any superstitions?
The only one that’s kind of weird to me is I pretty much write my score down every nine holes. I don’t do it every hole.

Funniest golfer?
Pat Perez. No doubt.

Name one non-golfer you’d like to play golf with.
I don’t like playing golf, so I don’t want to do that.

Favorite golf course?
Cypress Point. Not even a question.

Speak every language or talk to animals?
Talk to animals. They’d probably be cooler.

Ryder Cup win or major? If major, which one?
Probably major. Masters.

Texting or talking?
Texting is way easier.

If you weren’t playing golf, what sport would you play? Would you be any good?
I’d be playing ping-pong. I’d be the best in the world.

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