Rapid-Fire Questions with Paul Casey

From Pebble Beach to outer space, get to know the professional golfer better in this fun Pro Tips feature.

Paul Casey turned pro in 2000, but how well do you know the UK native? You’ve seen him play on our world, but what about his curiosity in extraterrestrial life? Or more earthly matters, like his favorite courses to play or what sport he’d pursue if he wasn’t a professional golfer?

Learn more in this entertaining edition of our rapid-fire interview.  

Pro Tips: What’s your personal record for bench press?

Paul Casey: [Laughs] I thought that was a joke, that question. I have no idea.

Favorite cheat day meal?

A cheeseburger with fries, mayonnaise on the fries.

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

Barbecue chicken.

Favorite exercise to do in the gym?

Box jumps.

What podcast are you currently listening to?

Usually, it’s something about aliens. Stuff I don’t know about […] yeah, aliens.

Favorite TV show?

Probably the UK’s version of “The Office,” Ricky Gervais.

Favorite ice cream flavor?


Ski or surf?


What music is queued up on your phone right now?

Right now, Post Malone.

Big dog or small dog?

Oh, big dog.

Texting or talking?

People say I’m bad at texting, bad at replying. So, talking.

If you weren’t playing golf, what sport would you play?

It would be […] so, I loved [soccer] as a kid, starting out. All of my buddies went off for trials at other clubs and I was rubbish at [soccer]. But I wanted to be a racing driver when I was a kid.

Favorite course to play and why?

I’ve got a list of kind of top five. St. Andrews and Cypress and Pebble [Beach] and Royal Melbourne, but honestly, the “why” thing depends on who you’re playing with. So, it can be any golf course as long as it’s a bunch of people having a great time.

One non-golfer you’d like to play golf with?

Going back to the aliens thing, I think an astronaut or scientist. Brian May was one of my heroes, the guitarist from Queen. He’s a total science, kind of astrophysicist nerd, so Brian May.

What’s your favorite movie?

“Back to the Future.” Actually, I’ve got lots. “Terminator 2.” “Gremlins.” “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Ryder Cup win or Major?

Oh, I’d still like a Major. But the team thing, the Ryder Cup win, winning as a team, it’s a very different feeling as a victory. So, I think you’ve got to go Major but the Ryder Cup thing’s pretty cool.

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