Short Putting Tips

Putting can be a real challenge for some golfers. If you find yourself missing the hole toward the low side, this piece of advice from Pro Tips might get you the score you’re looking for.

It’s exciting to be on the green, potentially one stroke away from holing out. But overthinking it too much may leave you circling around the hole longer than you intended.

Here’s why:

You may be making the mistake of peeking at the ball as it rolls toward the cup. Once you’ve aimed your putter and you’re in mid stroke, do you lift your head to watch the ball?

This can actually lift your whole body and can open the face of your club at just the wrong moment, sending the ball right past the hole, toward the low side.

To fix this, you need to keep control. Instead of watching for the hole, listen for it.

Keep your head and eyes still while you follow through with your putter. Let the ball roll out of your vision and listen for that drop.

This simple change could help transform your final shot on the green. Looking for more putting tips? Check out Jordan Spieth’s advice on long putting.