Shot Shaping with Paul Casey

The professional golfer breaks down his approach to shaping golf shots with these Pro Tips for the course.

Trying to avoid a hazard? Or maybe better navigate a narrow fairway? This is where shaping your shots, such as hitting fades or draws, can help your game stay on course.

For professional golfer Paul Casey, shot shaping starts with his setup. Casey says he’s consistently trying to work on hitting a very neutral, straight shot. “Assuming that my swing’s in pretty good shape and I set up pretty square, that’s what’s going to happen,” he explains.

So, then how does he shape a shot? Casey says he does so by playing around with his setup and doing things like moving the golf ball back in his stance, closing his stance, moving the golf ball forward and opening his stance.

“That’s going to do different things to my club. It’s going to deliver the club in a different way. The face is going to be a different angle, producing shot shapes,” he notes. “So, to kind of elaborate on that: If I set up square down this driving range to hit the straight shot, I put the ball back in the stance, really close that stance up, I’m naturally going to be coming down from the inside when I hit that golf ball. We’re going to get a nice, big draw.”

Casey reiterates it’s doing simple things like moving the ball around and altering your stance that will allow you to hit different shots. “So, go out on the range, try this out and you’ll find out you’ve got lots of different shots in your repertoire,” he says.

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