Stocking Stuffers for Golfers

These stocking stuffers are a hole-in-one for your friends and family who appreciate a day on the golf course. 

Turtle doves and partridges are great, but what your golfer really wants this holiday season is a birdie or an eagle. Help them reach their golfing goals by filling their stocking with gear to help them improve their on-course performance.

Golfers wear a golf glove primarily for improved grip on clubs, but they can also help protect their hands from the elements. There are gloves designed for enhanced grip in wet weather, lightweight options to wear in hot weather and thermal gloves that are perfect for golfing in colder temperatures. Cart mitts can also help your golfer’s hands stay warm between holes on cold days.

Golf Grips can take a player’s drives, chips and putts to a new level. The material and texture used could make a major impact on their performance and can be the difference between a birdie and a bogey. Grip tape will help attach slip-on and leather grips to a club.

Headcovers can provide your golfer’s clubs with protection when traveling to and from the course. They also add some flair to a golfer’s bag with a variety of design options, allowing them to express their personality with characters from their favorite movie, show their love of animals with pet-inspired headcovers or even represent their favorite sports teams. A golf brush can help keep clubs free of dirt, sand and grass.

A ball marking system allows a golfer to differentiate their ball on the course while adding a touch of personality. Coming in a range of designs, golfers use a permanent marker to transfer the logo onto their balls.

Don’t forget some of the essentials of the game — golf balls, tees and ball markers are always needed whether a golfer is getting in a quick nine holes or a full 18.

Add in some golf electronics to help take their performance to the next level. Rangefinders and golf GPS devices can help determine a golfer’s distance from the green and other points on the course. A pair of headphones or Bluetooth speaker can help them get into the zone when hitting the links.

Help them look good on the course with some new golf apparel. Golf shirts, shorts and skorts can be folded nicely to fit in a stocking, while a hat, visor or sunglasses can help keep the sun out of their eyes as they take a swing. A golf arm sleeve can help protect a golfer from the sun and wick away moisture while providing a unique look and lasting comfort. Golf socks and belts can help round out their outfit.

Don’t forget a new beanie if your golfer braves the cold to get their game in.

Finally, don’t forget about gifts to help them work on lowering their score with golf training aids. Training balls come in bright colors so they don’t get lost and can be made of foam so they don’t damage clubs or property. A golf training glove is designed to help keep a golfer’s wrist in the correct position, while a swing trainer can keep a golfer’s arms and body in proper form. A golf putting tool is a great gift to help a player’s putt stay on track.

Alignment sticks act as visual guides for clubs ranging from driver to putter. Designed to improve both aim and swing path, these sticks fold up so they can easily fit in both a golf bag and a stocking.

With the help of this Pro Tips guide, you won’t need a mulligan this holiday season. By adding some thoughtful golf gear and accessories to your favorite golfer’s stocking, you will finish under par with your favorite golfer and help make every trip to the course a great one.

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