How to Improve Your Golf Swing Sequence

Find your proper sequence with this simple golf drill.

One of the most common mistakes a golfer will make is in their sequencing.

This means that once they get to the top of their backswing, they pull their arms and club down first, which can lead to many more mishits.

“What we want to make sure we do is move from the top of the backswing in the correct sequence,” says PGA Pro Shanon Hoyt. “A great drill to help you understand what that feels like is called the Step Drill.”

Here’s what to do:

  • Start with your feet close together, holding the golf club off of the ground
  • Make a backswing and stop to hold this position
  • While in that position, take a step to the side and transfer your weight to your other foot
  • You’ll then turn your body and follow with a downswing

This drill can help your body understand the proper sequence from the top of the backswing all the way to the follow-through.