How to Set Square to Target in Volleyball

Setters are the center of a volleyball team’s offense. Working on footwork and body position can help you set with more success.

Setters have a challenging job on the volleyball court. They’re usually involved in every offensive play, and the team’s success often hinges on their ability to set the ball to the correct location. Footwork and body position are also important to their success.

The first key to proper setting is getting your feet all the way to the ball. From there, read the pass quickly and react.  You then want to step left and then right with your right toe pointed toward the antenna upon arrival. Your hands should be above your forehead in neutral. You want to finish high, pushing the ball all the way out while your hands fall naturally past your hips.

Because your job as a setter is so important on the court, you need to spend a lot of time training to develop your footwork. Your ability to lead the team is one of the most crucial jobs on the court.

When setting up your attack, starting from the back row can help deceive opponent’s blockers and utilize an extra hitter (link).