How to Set Up a Live Sports Streaming Kit

Capture all the on-field action with these Pro Tips on perfecting your live stream setup.

So, you want to broadcast your next game or event via live stream. Great! Live sports streaming can be the perfect way for faraway fans, relatives and others to “get to the game.” But to give spectators the best viewing experience possible, it helps to start with the proper setup.

With the right equipment, a few precautions and a strong connection, a basic streaming setup is easily accomplishable. Get rolling on your next broadcast with these Pro Tips on how to set up a live sports streaming kit.

Live Sports Streaming Equipment

To create an efficient live streaming setup, you only need a handful of items. They include:

  • Smartphone or Tablet
  • Tripod or Mounting Straps
  • Internet Connection or Access to WiFi
  • Access to a Supporting Streaming Platform or App

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In addition to the above items, it can also be beneficial to add an external battery pack to your setup. This can help keep your device powered all through your stream.

Not sure where to start? There are also kits available, such as this GameChanger Streaming Kit, that include everything but your camera and connection. This streamlined package can make going live much easier and eliminate the need to individually piece your kit together.

The Internet Is Your Friend

Naturally, to stream a live sporting event, you’ll need access to the internet. Prior to setting up your equipment, make sure to check your WiFi or network strength. A stronger connection can help eliminate streaming issues such as lagging, making for a more enjoyable, uninterrupted feed. Check with your league officials to see if you’re able to log onto the network prior to the start of the game.

Before Setting Up

So, you’ve gathered your equipment and checked your connection. But before you begin streaming, here are a few additional precautions to take. Running through this checklist can help you eliminate any issues beforehand, as well as build your confidence as a budding videographer.

  • Ensure your device’s battery is fully charged prior to the stream. If you’re utilizing an external battery pack, make sure that is charged as well.
  • Place your device on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. This can halt any outside notifications during your stream and help prevent feed interruptions or camera shake if your device is set to vibrate.
  • Place your device on silent mode to avoid any audio disruptions.
  • Familiarize yourself with your streaming service or app’s layout and functions prior to beginning your live stream. Before the game, run through the controls and features to ensure you know where to find your settings, toggles and more.

Simple Setup Instructions

Your live streaming setup doesn’t need to be a cinematic production. By following these steps, you should be able to give your audience the visuals they need without any headaches.

  1. Choose a camera location that is free of glare or obstruction.
  2. Mount your camera to your tripod or straps securely in a horizontal or landscape position. Make sure the focus is level and captures your desired field of view.
  3. Go into your streaming app or platform and select your preferred event type.
  4. Follow any pre-game instructions to set up scoring and audience controls.
  5. Press the ‘Go Live’ button once play begins.
  6. Monitor your device throughout the live event to check for any potential interruptions or issues.
  7. Once your event has concluded, close your live stream by ending your feed. Be sure to save your video file to your app or services’ archives for potential future use.

Capture all the on-field action and broadcast your team’s successes to the masses with help from live sports streaming. Use these Pro Tips and set up your next broadcast with ease.

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