Camaraderie in Casting: What Saltwater Fishing Means to Captain Blair Wiggins

The art of fishing means so much to so many people. Pro saltwater fisherman Captain Blair Wiggins shares his favorite parts of this pastime and how it has impacted his life on the water.

Most fishermen can attest that there is a deep connection between angler and sport. For many, throwing a line out and trying your luck at landing a whopper can serve as therapy in its highest form. For pro saltwater angler Captain Blair Wiggins, his love story with fishing is more personal. Rather than the connection with nature or the bond between the waves, it’s the people who have solidified his interest in saltwater fishing.

“[It’s about] the camaraderie that you have with your pals when you take them out fishing, whether it be your wife, or your boyfriend or your girlfriend,” Wiggins says. “Just being out on the boat with them all day long in the beautiful sun. You get to see nature come up. There’s porpoises, there’s dolphin, there’s wildlife and it is just so relaxing.”


What’s the one big piece of advice Wiggins has for anglers?

“If you do ever get a chance to get out and do some fishing, make sure you have a good time. Take a buddy with you, take your spouse with you and you will have a ball on the water.”

From excitement, to nostalgia, to happiness and everything in between, fishing can stir up a lot of different emotions. Take a note from Wiggins’ captain’s log and ramp up the fun on your next outing by bringing a few friends along. You might find that your catch of the day is the friendship itself, rather than the fish.

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