How to Create a Mock Deer Scrape

Grab the attention of your next trophy with a well-placed mock scrape. Find out how with these Pro Tips.

Hunters have a number of tools at their disposal when it comes to pursuing deer. There are also a variety of tactics, like buck rubs, beds and scrapes, that deer use to mark their territory. Mock scrapes can be a great tactic when looking to alter a deer’s travel and grab their attention elsewhere. Using mock scrapes to your advantage can allow for the perfect trail camera footage or even a successful harvest.

Making a deer scrape is more than scratching under an overhanging limb. Mossy Oak Pro Staffer Scott Barrett has the tips you need to create this effective lure for better hunting.


Making mock scrapes is all about location. For the best results, consider making your deer scrape in a high-traffic spot. A popular method is to place the scrape between bedding and feeding areas. Regardless, look for a good limb that overhangs your trail – roughly deer head height. Your scrape should be directly underneath this branch. This serves as a prime licking limb for incoming bucks.

As far as when you should use mock scrapes, you can use them to your liking. Many hunters use mock scrapes during the pre-rut phase of the breeding season. This is when most bucks break from their bachelor groups and begin cruising for doe. Increased activity can mean more traffic and more interest from passing bucks. For more information on the rut, be sure to read these hunting Pro Tips.


After confirming your location and limb, Barrett says to sweep away any leaves or debris. Use a couple of sticks to expose the dirt below your licking limb and scratch up the spot.

PRO TIP: To limit your scent around your mock scrape, wear rubber gloves when moving items around. Limiting your scent can help establish a more realistic setting.

Once you’ve exposed the dirt, Barrett recommends adding some commercial lures and scents to enhance the scrape’s realism.

“I would utilize one of the scrape drippers, hang it up on a limb above the scrape to keep it kind of fresh and keep that scent dropping there,” he says. “That way that’ll keep deer that are cruising by … keep them interested and make them stop by and check it out.”

Mock scrapes can be a great tool when looking for that perfect trail camera footage or shot on target. Use these hunting Pro Tips and grab the attention of your next trophy.

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