How to Tie a Carolina Rig

Cover the open water and land your next trophy bass by rigging a proper Carolina rig this fishing season.

When fishing for trophy bass this season, a classic, effective rig for anglers of all ages is the Carolina rig. This lure option is similar in design to the Texas rig and is useful in both inshore and offshore situations. Carolina rigs can be used effectively when fishing deep or when you need to cover a lot of water.

Tying a Carolina rig is a simple process once you got your tackle in hand and a little understanding. Use these angling Pro Tips to learn how to tie this useful bass fishing rig.


To begin your Carolina rig setup, you’ll first need to acquire some simple fishing tackle, including:

  • Fishing bead (glass or plastic)
  • Leader material
  • Barrel swivel
  • Fishing hook
  • Soft plastic lure
  • Bullet- or egg-style weight

Justin Lonchar, a DICK’S Sporting Goods Associate, says, “Usually, this rig is fished in deep water, so I like to use a half ounce at minimum,” referring to your choice of weight.


The Carolina rig is simple enough to tie, but there is an order to the process.

  • Take your leader material and cut your preferred leader length. Lonchar recommends cutting a leader between three and four feet in length. Your leader length affects the natural presentation of your Carolina rig, as well as how far your weight sits away from your lure.
  • Attach your barrel swivel to the other end of your leader material via the Palomar knot.
  • Thread your weighted sinker onto your main fishing line, followed by your glass or plastic fishing bead. “The bead will do two things,” Lonchar says. “One, it will protect your knot from the heavy weight sliding into it, and also it will create some noise as it clangs against the weight.”
  • Connect your main line to the open side of the barrel swivel via the Palomar knot, thus attaching your leader to your main line.
  • Attach your soft plastic to your hook. Lonchar recommends a weedless profile for Carolina rig fishing similar to a Texas rig setup.

Use these Pro Tips and add another great bass fishing rig to your arsenal this fishing season. With your freshly tied Carolina rig, you’re ready to try your luck at landing your next great fishing story.