How to Tie an Improved Clinch Knot

Learn how to secure your hook and tackle with this Pro Tips knot-tying guide on the improved clinch knot.

Fishermen looking to expand their knot-tying expertise can benefit from learning the improved clinch knot. This simple and strong knot can connect your tackle to your fishing line in just a few steps. The improved clinch knot is an easy knot to teach youngsters. It also works great for fluorocarbon or monofilament line. DICK’S Sporting Goods Associate and fishing enthusiast Justin Lonchar shares his tying guide to help explain this fundamental fishing knot.


  1. Take the tag end of your fishing line and insert it through your fishing hook’s eyelet.
  2. Pinch the tag end of your fishing line to your main line and twist the hook to make five wraps. There should be an opening between the twisted line and the top of the hook eyelet.
  3. Insert the tag end through the loop created from the top of the wraps to the hook eyelet.
  4. Pass the tag end back through the loop you just created.
  5. Moisten the fishing line and cinch tight.

Lastly, Lonchar says to finish the improved clinch knot by trimming the excess from your tag end.

Simple and sturdy, the improved clinch knot can help quickly tie on tackle. Use this knot-tying guide to help increase your line strength and keep you engaged in the angling action.

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