Understanding Saltwater Fishing Regulations with Blair Wiggins

Learn why knowing and following your saltwater fishing regulations is as essential as having your fishing rod and reel with these helpful angling tips.

Fishing can be such a relaxing and, at times, thrilling pastime. You’re out on the deep blue sea with the salty air breeze blowing as you take in the nature that surrounds you. You can’t keep just any fish that takes your bait, however. Pro saltwater fisherman Captain Blair Wiggins stresses that it’s essential for you to understand your state or area’s saltwater fishing rules and regulations. Along with your fishing rod and reel, an understanding of your regulations is a must-have for any saltwater fishing trip.

“The fish that you’re catching, they come in sizes,” Wiggins says. “And the size that you can keep might fall in with a slot limit that, if it’s too small, you can’t keep it; if it’s too big, you can’t keep it. So, wherever you go saltwater fishing, one of the most important things that you can have, especially if you like to eat fish like I do, is make sure you have the right regulations.”

Many states and governed fishing areas have their rules and regulations available online. It should become a habit of anglers to regularly check their respective fish and wildlife commission’s website for any updates or limitations. “I still check them every morning before I go out fishing in a new area just because they change so often,” Wiggins says.

Saltwater fishing can be a fun experience if you have the essentials, so brush up on your fishing rules and regulations before you head out for that next great cast. Using these Pro Tips, you’ll be on your way to making  to help you make new angling memories and reeling in the good times.

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