Kelsey Robinson on Switching from Libero to Outside Hitter

The national team member breaks down how she embraced the challenge of a position change on the volleyball court.

Changing positions can be a stressful transition for any athlete, no matter what sport they play. You become comfortable in a certain role but may need to switch it up for the betterment of your team.

It’s a situation professional volleyball player Kelsey Robinson has experienced. The national team member played a large portion of her career as an outside hitter. But she switched to libero for a year before returning to outsider hitter.

Robinson spoke to Pro Tips about how she embraced this new challenge.


The move from libero to outside hitter isn’t an easy one. Libero focuses on defense. The libero is a back-row player and requires strong passing and defensive skills.

“As a libero, you are playing defense and you’re passing. You’re covering,” Robinson says. “You’re doing all the small things.”

But the outside hitter is a position that is a focal point of the team. It requires skills to be successful on both offense and defense.

“As an outside hitter, you touch the ball almost more than anyone else besides the setter,” Robinson says. “You’re hitting, serving, defense, attack and block.”


After making the switch, Robinson says she would find ways to help her teammates on the court. By focusing on the overall success of the team, Robinson was able to grow into her new role.

“It was more about helping our team win,” she says. “As an outside hitter, you’re there to help the team play better. But you’re also focused on doing the small things, whether it’s an attack or block, or serving and just being aware of everything that’s going on.”

By welcoming a position change, you can be ready to help your team reach new levels of success.

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