Kelsey Robinson on Turning Coaching Advice into Success

The gold medal winner discusses how her coaches have pushed her to visualize success on the volleyball court.

Advice from coaches can help athletes reach new levels of success. No matter the sport, coaches can help motivate and push their players to greater heights.

Volleyball player Kelsey Robinson credits her coaches for helping her find success on the biggest stages of her career. She shares some of the best advice she’s received from coaches with Pro Tips.


Robinson says coaches encouraging her to envision her success on the court has been helpful. By imagining winning sets, games and tournaments, she’s been able to stay in the moment.

“Coaches have always pushed me to visualize where I will be at the end of those games,” Robinson says. “So, today in practice, maybe I lost. But did I do the work today that allows me to be who I want to be at the end of the tournament?”

Visualizing success serves as motivation to put in the work before an event. By working hard in practice, Robinson says it allows her to take pride in her work ethic and dedication, no matter the outcome of the match.

“Whether that means walking away with a win or walking away with my head high on the fact that I put everything I had into it before the tournament, leading up into the tournament, the actual tournament and the finals,” Robinson says. “If that is a gold medal, I can be satisfied that I gave everything that I had to give.”

The wisdom of coaches can help you excel far beyond the confines of sports. By visualizing success, you can be on the right path to achieving your goals.

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