8-Meter Shooting Tips with Kayla Treanor

Learn to make the most of your free position shot with these lacrosse tips.

When battling inside the 8-meter arc in front of the opponent’s net, an offensive player can run the chance of being fouled by the defense. When this happens, that player is awarded a free position shot and a golden opportunity to add points to the scoreboard.

“These are often looked at like free throws in basketball,” says former collegiate All-American and professional lacrosse player Kayla Treanor. “They’re an easy opportunity to get a point for your team.”

Once you approach the 8-meter line, there’s two ways you can take the shot: inside, which is more of a finesse shot, or outside, which is more of a power shot.


Start the inside shot by making sure you are in a good stance. At the whistle, explode off the line as fast as you can. You need to free up your shooting hand by driving away from the defender closest to that hand. If you are shooting with your right hand, drive with your feet to the left. When shooting with your left hand, you will drive to the right.

“By freeing up, I mean you’re driving away from the defender who is closest to the hand you’re going to shoot with,” Treanor says.

Make sure to keep your stick in front of you. Leaving it behind you gives the defense a chance to check it.


“The other way to take an 8-meter is to stand and work on your crow hop,” Treanor says.

Your back foot should lead first. You should be low and then snap your wrists in a “push-pull” motion. Remember to follow through to the cage where you want your shot to go.

By working on your 8-meter shooting, you’ll be ready to help your team put points on the scoreboard in this clutch situation. To help improve your shooting skills inside the 8-meter even more, check out this footwork and conditioning drill by Treanor.