How to do a Behind-The-Back Lacrosse Pass or Shot

When defenders are approaching in front of you, a backhand pass may be your best option. Lacrosse pro Miles Thompson shows us how to execute this offensive play.

When you’re in the heat of action during a game, every move counts.

One way to take advantage of offensive opportunities is to use the behind-the-back shot or pass. This move can help you overcome opponents who may have a speed or strength advantage.

Most defenders will work your back, allowing your hands to be free. The behind-the-back allows you to stay in position and make a pass or shot while keeping your hands secure. If you try to make an overhand pass, that opens your hands up to the defender. Use the following tips as a guide to perform a backhand pass:

  1. Your hand placement will be no different from making an overhand pass or shot.
  1. Your shoulders should be pointed toward your target.
  1. Keep your bottom hand as close to your body as possible. Your top hand will go straight up behind your head. The ensuing motion will send the ball toward where your shoulders were pointed.
  1. Remember to follow through with your stick toward your target.

Practice this move at home to add an effective tool to your game. The more you practice the behind-the-back pass, the more confident you should feel using this move in the heat of a game.