Defensive Stance and Positioning in Women’s Lacrosse

Learn the basics of a defender’s athletic stance with these tips.

It all starts with your stance. Having the proper stance can be the building block to improving your defensive skills on the lacrosse field.

Every player is on defense at some point in the game, so regardless of your position, it’s important to understand the proper defensive stance. Maintain an athletic position with your knees are bent and your back straight. Your stick should be pointing up and between 10 and 2 o’clock.

Once you initiate contact with an attacker, keep your arms locked. Bringing your arms in and then back out is considered a foul, so make sure you avoid doing so.

Perfecting your defensive stance is the foundation to becoming a great defender. No matter what level of experience you have playing the sport, you’ll always need to practice proper stance. Once you’ve mastered your stance, you can use it when learning other lacrosse techniques like defending behind the goal and double teaming on defense.