How Digital Sports Training Can Improve Your Game

Learn how you can train smarter with digital sports training equipment.

Sports practice goes high-tech with the latest crop of digital sports training technology.

Digital sports training gear helps you train smarter—think basketballs that track makes and misses and baseballs that instantly record your pitching speed. It’s traditional sports equipment outfitted with specialized technology.

Think of it this way: While you can wear your activity tracker as you run and train, digital sports equipment keeps tabs on your game as you play.

Unlike the last generation of sports training aids, digital sports gear provides near real-time reporting on your progress. That’s because this equipment features built-in sensors and trackers that capture your activities as you practice. This data then seamlessly syncs to your smartphone, so you can pinpoint your strengths and areas of improvement.

Best of all, this equipment never interferes with your game. It’s lightweight and nearly undetectable — so you can focus in on improving critical skills.

Digital Sports Gear Includes:

  1. Heading to batting practice? Try new baseball swing tracking systems. Just place the sensor on the knob of your baseball bat and swing — these devices use advanced motion capture technology to analyze your swing in the box.
  1. On the court you can turn to digital sport basketballs. These traditional-size balls are outfitted with tiny motion sensors that record your progress, like shooting percentage, distance from the hoop and much more. You can get a better read on your hot and cold spots, and improve your performance with game-like simulations.
  1. Lacrosse players are taught to point their butt-end toward their target before making a shot. Pinpoint your shooting location with the help of lacrosse stick lasers. These devices fasten to the end of your lacrosse shaft and provide a laser point to the exact location of your target. They’re great for practicing on your own time.