Double Teaming on Defense in Women’s Lacrosse

Defend the goal and create a quick turnover by working with a teammate to block one attacker.

Doubling can be an effective way to get the ball back from the other team, especially if you are down by a goal or two with just a few minutes left to play.

It takes two defensive players to double an offensive player. One will play on the attacker’s stick side and the other will play “body” on the off-stick side. Always make sure to maintain a good athletic position with your knees bent, back straight and your arms locked.

Your roles will change as the attacker moves with the ball. As the attacker switches their stick from side to side, you will stay in your position, but go from playing “stick” to “body” or vice versa.

Try to keep the attacker from gaining separation or making a clean pass while you pressure her. The best time to check in a double team is when the attacker rolls out, exposing their stick. At this time, either you or your teammate should make a quick check and work together to collect the ground ball.

Once in a double team, stay doubled until the attacker passes the ball or you are able to create a turnover.

Doubling can be a risky move, as it leaves another offensive player wide open, but it can be effective in creating a turnover and changing the momentum of the game.  Practice this skill regularly and make sure you are communicating at all times with your teammates.

You can help improve your doubling skills by also practicing more basic defense skills, like on-ball defense.