Ground Ball to Shooting Lacrosse Drill with Kayla Treanor

The pro lacrosse player demonstrates a drill that you and your teammates can practice to help improve converting 50/50 situations into goals.

Perfection isn’t always an option on the lacrosse field. Despite all the work you put in with teammates during practice, a pass can be deflected by an opponent, a player’s pass can be slightly off target or a teammate might misjudge a throw in the midst of a competitive game.

But by working on this ground ball to shooting drill, you can be ready to improvise when these situations arise.

“This is so important because in lacrosse, often times you don’t get just an easy catch-to-shot from a pass,” says Kayla Treanor, a former collegiate All-American and professional all-star. “Often times, teammates make mistakes or you yourself makes mistakes, and the ball hits the ground.”

This drill is focused on making the most of these situations inside the 8-meter arc, where the field can become crowded. The drill begins with a coach or teammate throwing out a ground ball near the front of the goal. Try to pick up the ground ball and work on getting a shot off.

When you’re going for a ground ball inside the 8-meter arc, remember to pick the ball up away from the pressure of opponents and get off a shot quickly.

“You want to work on hitching and burying and converting all of these 50/50 opportunities,” Treanor says.

By working through this ground ball drill, you can be ready to help turn a tough situation into a game-changing goal for your team.

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