How to Defend Behind the Goal in Men’s Lacrosse

Learn to defend the goal by using your body to direct attackers and deny them a clear shot.

Defending an attacker behind the goal is a critical part of a team’s defense. When you approach the attacker, you should be in an athletic position with your hands and stick away from your body. Your feet, hands and stick should “split the field in half” so you can help dictate the direction you want the attacker to move.

As the attacker drives to the goal, close the gap between the two of you. Your most important job is to “close the gate”. To do so, swing swinging your hips and forcethe attacker away from the goal so that he can’t get a clear look.

A team’s defense is only as good as its defenders. Knowing how to win your matchup behind the goal can help stop your opponents and lead to defensive success.

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