How to Defend Behind the Goal in Women’s Lacrosse

Support your goalie by keeping your attackers outside the 8-meter arc during this challenging defensive play.

One of the hardest situations to defend in women’s lacrosse is when the ball is behind the goal. In this instance, the defender can work from behind the goal or stay in front. Younger players may be encouraged to stay above the goal line extended.

As the defender, it’s your job to shadow the attacker until she fully commits to one side.  Once she commits, you need to beat the attacker to where the crease meets the goal line extended. Keep the attacker from getting inside the 8-meter arc by using the 8-meter line as a guide.

You should play on the inside shoulder of the attacker — the shoulder closest to the goal. This can help prevent the attacker from gaining space to take a shot or beat you to the goal.

The most important thing is to keep the attacker out of the 8-meter arc and away from the goal. If you can do that, you’ve done your job.

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