Jerome Thompson’s Body Dodging Tips

Knowing how to use your body can help you break away from a defender. Discover tips from the pro lacrosse player to help you practice just that.

When you’re approaching the goal from behind the cage, the opposing team’s defender should be putting heavy pressure on you to prevent you from getting near the goal. But by working on your body dodging, you could get by them and take a strong shot.

One way to defeat the defender is by hooking their stick with your elbow. This should move the defender out of your way so you can then take a shot.

Another method is to have two hands on your stick and then use your elbow to lift their stick. Your opponent will be forced to take pressure off of you or risk getting a high stick penalty. Done right, you’ll create a space for a quick pass or goal shot.

Work on your dodging if you get some time before or after practice. Experiencing the pressure will benefit you when game day rolls around.