Kayla Treanor on How Sports Make People Better

Participating in sports can have many positive impacts on an athlete. Pro lacrosse player Kayla Treanor shares with Pro Tips how lacrosse has impacted her life and her career.

For many athletes, getting involved in sports is about reaching new personal limits and enjoying the sweet taste of victory.

But it’s the time in between those milestones and beyond that can help shape athletes into better people.

Kayla Treanor, a professional lacrosse player and former collegiate All-American, says one of the most memorable parts of her lacrosse career is the relationships she has built while playing. These bonds with coaches and teammates are the ones that can help a player grow as an individual, inside and outside of the sport.

“I think what I love about lacrosse so much is that family atmosphere, and whatever sport you are playing you get to experience an extended family with your teammates and your coaches,” Treanor says.

It’s important to remember that an athlete’s success can be measured beyond what they accomplish on the playing field. By dedicating themselves to being the best they can be, athletes are able to create opportunities for themselves that go beyond making a save or scoring a goal.

Treanor, who now also coaches lacrosse, is a prime example.

“The other cool thing about playing sports is how far your opportunities can take you,” Treanor said. “Just with lacrosse, it’s created so many friendships and created a life for me. My job is to coach lacrosse, and that has been an awesome experience.”

No matter what sport you play, being successful is always the ultimate goal. But it is important to remember that isn’t always measured by a statistic or a trophy.