Kayla Treanor on Perfecting Stick Work and Skills

Professional lacrosse player Kayla Treanor provides tips on how to get the most out of your lacrosse training.

Every athlete has heard the age-old motto, “practice makes perfect.”

While you may strive for perfection on the field, it’s important to set goals that you have control of reaching. Every time you are able to grab your stick and run through some drills is more time for you to work toward becoming a better all-around athlete.

Pro player and former collegiate All-American Kayla Treanor says she always finds it important to work on the variables she can control — such as stick work, speed and fitness training — so she is ready to excel on the field.

“One thing that has really been key in my success as a player has been to control what I can control,” Treanor says. “You can always work on your speed and work on your fitness and try to be the fittest you can be.”

This can include drills like wall ball that are designed to help you improve your catching, passing and cradling. It can also be helpful to run through drills that focus on footwork and conditioning as well to help improve your ability to collect ground balls.

“To really get to that next level, you can always have a better stick and be a better dodger,” Treanor says. “That is definitely what I worked on — that skill set that you can continue to develop.”

By working on your skills away from the game, you can be primed to lead your team to a big win the next time you walk on the field.