Kayla Treanor’s Advice on Overcoming a Loss

Athletes will face defeat on the field from time to time. The lacrosse star shares her thoughts with Pro Tips on how athletes can grow from these setbacks.

No matter how much work you put in and how well your team is playing, there are times when a game may not end the way you’d like. Instead of letting a defeat negatively impact your passion and drive, you can use these losses to come back stronger than ever.

Lacrosse star Kayla Treanor experienced a lot of success in her career, but it did not come without adversity. The professional player and former collegiate All-American suffered a loss in the national championship game during her time in college. But instead of focusing on the negative, Treanor looked at how that experience could make her better.

“One thing it did for me was it motivated me,” Treanor says. “I left that game and was ready to get back to work. It gave me motivation to be the best player for my team.”

Nobody wants to lose a game. But it’s these setbacks that can help drive you to get back to practice and learn what it takes to be successful — on the field and beyond.

“Winning is awesome, but it’s not what it is all about,” Treanor says. “Getting to learn all that humility and that grind, that work ethic and all those things from losing has helped me so much more in life.”

So the next time your team suffers a loss on the field, don’t let it get you down. Use it to fuel you. Use it to power through the drills and training during your next practice so you can come back stronger, faster and better than before.