The Lacrosse Camp Checklist

Before you head off for camp — where days are full of practice and team building — make sure you’re prepared with this list of essential gear courtesy of Pro Tips.

Lacrosse camp can be a whirlwind. You spend your days playing, practicing and improving, and your nights making close ties with teammates, laughing and bonding.

Long, exhausting and exhilarating — it’s a rare and special experience.

But before you go, you need to pack. With that in mind, here’s some important items you’ll need:


When it comes to gear and essentials, start with the basics. This means you’ll need a lacrosse stick and lacrosse balls, as well as your protective gear, like your mouthguard, gloves, and helmet or goggles.

Bring along your cleats, baselayers, and other practice apparel as well. Make sure to bring several pairs of practice shorts, socks and T-shirts for each day to change between practices and scrimmages. Always bring extras. An equipment bag will come in hand to carry all of your gear. You’ll have a lot of gear, so try to keep your bag as organized as possible so you can find what you’re looking for more easily.

You will likely have long days of training, so a dry pair of socks at the end of each day can feel positively life-changing. Stash a pair or two in your equipment bag to swap out throughout the day, if needed, to help soothe your sore, sweaty feet.

Your camp may provide some items, like practice jerseys and training aids, so check with your coach or camp director before packing.


Not all lacrosse camps offer you the opportunity to stay the night, but if you’re going to a sleep-away camp, you’ll likely be packing a lot more.

You’ll need to consider travel needs, overnight needs and toiletries. Pack a few changes of clothes for hanging out after practices or exploring the camp. Bring along pillows, sheets, shampoo and soap, in case they’re not provided by the camp or you’d prefer to have your own.

Don’t forget to bring anything you usually use in your morning and night routines, like a toothbrush, toothpaste, facewash, deodorant and a hair brush. After a long day, you may like having something to help you wind down before bed or something that offers a little extra entertainment, like a tablet, magazine or playing cards.


As rewarding as training and improving your skills may be, it’s also hard work. That’s because you’ll be switching between drills, group activities and scrimmages all day long.

So keep a few healthy snacks, like protein bars, in your equipment bag, along with a sports drink and lots of water, too.  Lastly, to help you freshen up between matches, bring along a pack of face wipes.

Before you head out to camp, use this checklist to help get your gear together. When you’re not worrying about what you packed, you can focus on having fun and improving your skills.

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LAX Camp Checklist