Lacrosse Dodging, Footwork, Speed and Shooting Drill with Kayla Treanor

Run through this drill from professional lacrosse player Kayla Treanor to help improve the skills you need to find offensive success.

There are several skills an offensive player in lacrosse needs to be successful — quick feet, strong lateral movements and a good finishing touch.

In order to fine tune these strengths in your game, consider bringing it all together with this drill.  Former collegiate All-American and professional lacrosse player Kayla Treanor demonstrates how.

To run through this drill, you will need a speed and agility ladder, cones and a goal.

Start by running through the ladder using whatever technique you like, as you work on speed and explosion and stay light on your feet.

Next, have a teammate or coach pass you the ball. Set up a cone close by where you can work on your dodges. This can be a split dodge, floater dodge or whatever dodge you like. You can add two cones to the drill to work on multiple dodges. These combination dodges can help make you more of a threat on the field.

The final step of the drill is to finish the play with a shot on the net. Take your time hitching and burying the ball in the back of the net. You can also work on getting your hands free and using a power shot, or any other type of shot you want to master.

With so many dodge and shooting combinations to work on, this drill can help keep things fresh, no matter how many times you run through it.

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