Lacrosse Draw Control: The Pull Draw

Master this draw to help your team maintain possession throughout the game.

A draw is an important part of every lacrosse game and starts play at the beginning of each half, as well as after every score. Winning possession of the ball in these situations can help a team build momentum.

There are two main draws in women’s lacrosse: the push draw and the pull draw.

The pull draw can provide you with more power to get the ball to your teammates on the draw circle.

To do this, start with your left hand on the top of your stick and your right hand on the bottom. Your back should face your opponent’s goal, and your knees should be bent. Your stick should be at waist height and squared up with the stick of your opponent.

The referee will place the ball in between your sticks. When the whistle is blown, pull with your left hand behind you, over your shoulder as you push forward with your right hand, rotating your hips to the left. Once the ball is free, react quickly to pick up the loose ball.

Hand position, quickness and utilizing your strength to pull the ball to a teammate or for you to grab it are all essential parts of the pull draw.

By working on your pull draw regularly, you can help your team maintain possession throughout the game. Don’t forget to throw in some training on your push draw to switch things up.