Lacrosse Drills: Inside Finishing

Tips from professional player Miles Thompson on how to improve your offense when closing in on the goal.

When you get close to the net attempting to score, things can get heated. Opposing defenders will be breathing down your neck as the goalie waits to make a big save.

Practicing inside finishing could boost your offensive game and contribute to putting points on the scoreboard.

To work on inside finishing, Miles Thompson recommends starting the drill with your back against something. This will help you learn to protect your arms, elbows and stick. If you are in the open, you will be tempted to put your stick back to shoot, but during a game that opens you up to a defender who may try to hit your stick.

With your back pushed against a wall, you’re forced to take a more compact and protected shot.

While doing this, be aware of your elbows. Keeping them out to the side allows defenders to disrupt your shot. Keep your elbows tight to your body and the rest of your body compact.

While against the wall, practice your movement. Fake with your top hand by rotating your stick into your body while keeping your lower hand at the bottom and letting the shaft rotate in your hand.

Always remember to shoot with your wrist. You don’t need to wind up for a hard shot when you are working around the crease. It comes down to where you put the ball.

Finishing inside is an important part of an offensive player’s game. Make sure you put the work in and get ready to fake out a goalie for that game-winning score.