Lacrosse Drills: Interval Training for Your Next Lacrosse Practice

When the pressure builds up, make sure you have enough stamina to keep going against your opponents. Mix up your next lacrosse practice with this interval training drill to help with conditioning and performance.

In practice, no matter what sport you play, there needs to be some emphasis on game simulation to prepare you for competition. In lacrosse, athletes should prepare themselves for spurts of intense exertion, followed by brief points of rest before jumping right back into play. With its alternating pattern between work and rest, interval training can be great for teaching lacrosse players how to take advantage of their down moments on the field, as well as how to make the most of up-tempo situations.

This sprint, pass and shoot drill can help the whole team work on interval training at your next lacrosse practice.

Start by sprinting 10 yards from the end line, followed by a quick pivot back toward the goal. You’ll then receive a pass from the next person in line and take a shot on goal. You can catch your breath after taking the shot by hopping back in line before becoming the feeder for your teammate in front of you. Keep a fast pace to best simulate a game-day tempo while still allowing for brief periods of rest.

Interval training can help condition lacrosse players to learn to perform at their peak potential. Don’t run out of gas in the heat of competition. Train yourself to outlast your opponent by using these interval training Pro Tips.

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