Lacrosse Faceoff Technique: The Clamp

Make the most of your lacrosse faceoff by learning the basics of clamping.

At the beginning of every quarter and after every score, one player from each team will take part in a faceoff to restart play. The goal is to gain possession.

One way to win possession during a faceoff is with a technique called “the clamp.” After you’re down in your stance, you’ll try to gain control of the ball by clamping it. When the referee blows the whistle, you’ll need to make your move.

Quickly roll your top hand forward to capture the ball in the back of your stick’s head. At the same time, move left hand and left foot forward. Remember, the opposing player is trying to get control of the ball as well, so you need to be quick, fluid and strong.

With the ball in the back of your stick’s head, you have a few options on what to do with the ball to gain possession for your team. You could push the ball:

  • Between your legs back to a teammate
  • Forward past the opposing player to a teammate in front of you
  • Away from your body, so that you can grab the ground ball yourself

Make sure to work on this regularly at practice and on your own. Mastering the clamp technique can help give your team an advantage throughout the game. The more faceoffs you win, the more your team will gain possession and get a chance to score.