Lacrosse Faceoff Tips: Stance

A powerful faceoff stance can give you great leverage on the ball and could improve your chances of gaining possession. Jumpstart your team’s offense with these tips.

A faceoff restarts play at the beginning of every quarter and after every score. One player from each team will battle to win possession, but only one will come out on top. A lot of factors go into a successful faceoff, including your stance, so it’s important to practice your form.

Before the faceoff begins, the referee will designate where on the midfield line the ball will be placed. From there, you’ll get into your stance.

Typically, for right-handed players, your right knee should be on the ground while your left knee is bent and off the ground. Keep your butt low and lean forward with your eyes looking down at the ball. Your nose should be over your top hand on your stick. You want to stay balanced in this position and ready to react quickly.

Your stick should remain parallel to the midfield line and the throat of the stick should be lined up with the ball. If your body or stick cross the midfield line before the whistle is blown, it will be an infraction.

Get comfortable with this stance so that you can increase your strength and agility for better overall ball possession. For more lacrosse faceoff tips, learn how to grip your stick for a faceoff and the basics of the clamping technique.