Lacrosse Faceoff Tips: Stick Grips

There are two potential grips behind every successful faceoff. Master them to kick your team into offensive action.

Possession is decided at the beginning of every quarter and after every score through a faceoff. Winning this battle for the ball starts with your stick grips.

There are two different ways to grip your stick for a lacrosse faceoff: the “motorcycle” grip and the “traditional” grip.


The most common grip you’ll see during a faceoff is the motorcycle grip. Hold your stick with both palms down. Your top hand should be at the top of the stick near the head and your bottom hand near the bottom of the stick. This helps allow for maximum power and explosiveness.


The second grip option is the traditional grip. Grip the stick with your top hand palm up and your bottom hand palm down. This grip can be effective for quicker moves.

There are a lot of factors that go in to winning a faceoff, but it first begins with having the right grip on your lacrosse stick. Once you’ve mastered your grip, learn the clamp faceoff technique to gain control of the ball.