Lacrosse for Beginners: Proper Body Position for Passing

Maximize the accuracy of your passes by making sure your body is in the proper position.

Throwing accurate passes is critical to maintaining possession of the ball. Having the proper body position and hand placement can help lead to better passes.

Your top hand should be roughly a forearm’s length from the bottom of your stick shaft, which should rest lightly in your fingertips. Your bottom hand should be in an overhand grip at the butt end of the shaft.

Make sure you’re in an athletic stance with your front foot and lead shoulder facing toward your target. Your stick should be up and away from your body with the stick head facing the target. Lock your eyes on your receiver before making the pass.

Keep the proper body position and hand placement in mind to help ensure an accurate pass.

After you master the proper lacrosse passing position, make sure to work on the mechanics of passing to help become a more accurate passer, too.