Lacrosse Goalie Drills: Walking the Line

Develop your ability to move on the arc and step toward the ball to protect the goal with this lacrosse drill.

Looking for a drill that focuses on stepping to the ball? Start incorporating the Walking the Line Drill into your routine to help reinforce proper movement and help increase strength and speed.

Pick out a clear line on the field and straddle the line.

On command from a coach or teammate (or at your own pace once you get comfortable with the drill), step forward and to your right at a 45-degree angle while you make a stick side high-save motion. Reset by moving back to center and straddling the line before repeating the movement to the left. Continue resetting between each save as you move down the line. You don’t need to rush. Stay balanced and controlled while executing the six saves of the standard warmup:

  • Stick side high (Right)
  • Off side high (Left)
  • Stick side hip (Right)
  • Off side hip (Left)
  • Stick side low (Right)
  • Off side low (Left)

The side to which you move is outlined above based on being right-hand dominant. If you are left-hand dominant, then you would start with stick side high to your left side and continue down the line back and forth.

This drill can help reinforce proper movement and good fundamentals. Practice this drill and check out more lacrosse tips like how to move on the arc and stepping to the ball and you’ll be on your way to making big saves this season.